Using Light Up Christmas Necklace Innovatively

Using Light Up Christmas Necklace Innovatively

Light-up Christmas necklaces can not only be used for donning. There are various ways in which you can innovatively use these necklaces. For instance, you can hang them up anywhere you wish to, to give your environment a Christmas spirit or an eccentric vibe. These light-up necklaces can add vibrancy to any home, bar, restaurant, etc.

If you want to introduce a new interior décor to your place, the key is to approach fashion as a form of art. You can do much more with these funky necklaces rather than just wearing them. Here are some ways how you can innovatively use light up christmas necklace.

Guide To Innovatively Using Light Up Christmas Necklace

For Table Decor

Will everyone ever wear them? I don't think so! Not everyone is a fashionista, nor a bold dresser, especially someone who'd wear such a unique thing. However, they'd look good on a coffee table, lying on a stack of books, or on a shelf of pretty vases. Put this necklace in a transparent vase and add artificial flowers to that vase to give a vibrant touch to your table.

For Making DIY Artwork

Are you an art lover and thinking about utilizing this necklace in your art? You can use these light-up necklaces to make various DIY artworks. For instance, you can cut the shape of a cloud out of cardboard. Attach the light-up Christmas necklace to a battery and stick the necklace on the cardboard. After that, paste some cotton into the cardboard on the light-up Christmas necklace and make a little colorful cloud out of it. Attach it to your bedroom wall.

Add on Christmas Tree

You can add this colorful sparkling fashion piece to your Christmas tree to get a sparkling glow at your Christmas party. Lay it in between books, vases, or other artistic sculptures, or take a step further and bring out your inner artist by using them as a unique art piece by mounting them on display stands at your Christmas party.

Gift This to Your Loved Ones

Some jewelry pieces make you think that they're one of the smartest outcomes of a designer’s creativity. They can make you think, oh God! that’s amazing, just like creating art and design. That concludes that there’s no reason not to treat them as one of those art and decoration pieces.

You can gift this to your loved ones to decorate their sculptures or any other precious decoration piece on their shelves to give them a new look by twirling the light around it. You can also gift these to wear as a beautiful necklace to shine like a sparkling star.

Use It as Fairy Lights

These are colorful lights that can light up your room and give a cozy look to your interior, especially during Christmas. You can attach it to your walls especially in December to give your home a festive look. It can also be replaced by a night bulb or table lamp.

Another way of using these lights is by taking a step further by attaching these lights to the corner of your bedroom ceiling and giving your room a funky look.


This light-up Christmas necklace can be used in many amazing ways. It is just an ordinary DIY job that depends on your level of creativity. You can use this light-up Christmas necklace in many mind-blowing ways. It will bring a funky and colorful look to your indoors.