How to Keep Your Hose Reel Well Maintained?

How to Keep Your Hose Reel Well Maintained?

Hoses are essential for countless applications. But these simple-looking hoses can become pretty expensive if you’ll go for high-quality material. The hose reels are device that is designed to keep these top-notch and expensive hoses safe and organized.

However, the reels are not enough to keep your hoses maintained without making an effort because the hose reel also demand maintenance. If you want your hose and hose reels to last long, here are some tips that you should follow as it is!

Tip#1 Keep Your Hose Reel In a Covered Area

Whether it's only a hose or a hose reel, both need a covered area for protection against different elements. The covered area lets the hose reel dry, which protects them from getting rusted or corrosive. And it will also keep the hose away from being interrupted in your daily activity.

Tip#2 Put the Reel Around the Corner to Avoid Direct Sunlight

This is a great way to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the reel's plastic parts to become brittle and crack. If you have children or pets running around your yard, keep the hose reel out of their path. Even if you don't have animals that may damage it, other people and objects could be hazardous because they could trip over it or knock it over.

If you want additional protection from dirt and debris while keeping your hose reel in good condition, invest in an anti-microbial spray like BleachClean. Spray some onto all surfaces inside and out of the reel before storing it away for long periods. This will help prevent mold growth on exposed surfaces such as handles or wheels while allowing airflow through openings where water flows down into smaller channels inside each channel section within its outer casing structure.

Tip#3 Remove Excess Water from The Hose

The water in the hose and hose reel engine can be damaging. So, to keep them safe from rusting and corrosion, it's important to remove the water completely from hose reels.  To remove the water fully, you can also use different equipment to remove the water like;

  • Use water sucking pump
  • Drain the water back from one end by lifting other

Tip#4 Lubricate All Moving Parts

Lubrication of moving parts every month during summer helps the reel's smooth functioning. WD40 is a highly recommended lubricant spray, and it's hard to find an effective alternative to this spray.

You should clean and lubricate your hose reels every 3-5 years depending on how often you use them. This can be done with either oil or grease, but it's best to use something that is food-grade safe if possible.

Tip#5 Apply Oil/Grease to the Axle

Apply oil or grease to the axle of your pool hose reel every year (around April or May). The axle is the central part of the reel, and it should be lubricated with grease or oil.

Tip#6 Clean your Hose Reel Before and After Use

Clean your hose reel before and after each use to avoid rust and corrosion. You can use brush to clean the debris and other materials from hose and reel.

Remember, a well-maintained, clean, and lubricated hose reel will last longer than expected.

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You should know better how to care for your hose reel and keep it working efficiently. Remember that the best way to ensure long-term reliability is by regularly cleaning, maintaining, and lubricating all moving parts. This will ensure that your hose reel lasts as long as possible without breaking down or wearing out.