How Can You Store The Gemstone Dice?

How Can You Store The Gemstone Dice?

Dice sets created from actual gemstones are exquisitely handcrafted as gemstone dice. To highlight the stone's inherent beauty and distinctiveness, each die is precisely cut, sculpted, and polished. Collectors, fans of tabletop gaming, and anyone who values the beauty and elegance of fine craftsmanship all favor these dice.

While gorgeous, gemstone dice can also be brittle. One of the surest ways to chip your dice is to carelessly roll them on a hard tabletop without using a padded tray. Another technique to avoid gem dice ending up with damaged or chipped dice is to store them in a dice bag so that they are in contact with each other. But if you follow the procedure outlined below, your dice will last for years.

How Balanced Are Gemstone Dice?

All of the dice we sell, including the gemstone ones, are designed to be ideal for casual tabletop games. To make the dice fully functional for a night of D&D, etc., the dice are made from solid material and are carved to shape utilizing center mass principles and lines of symmetry.

Nevertheless, no dice are actually "balanced" (except for the precise casino dice). Although they are essentially designed to roll and produce fair random numbers. The dice are composed of plastic, acrylic, resin, metal, and gemstones.

What Is The Best Way To Care For Gemstone Dice?

Care should be taken with priceless items. Stone, glass, and synthetic materials can chip or be damaged, although they are sturdy if not properly cared for. Urwizards suggest the following for maintaining your gemstone dice: On a dice tray, game mat, or other soft surface, you roll your gemstone dice. You refrain from utilizing (you want to avoid bashing and crashing the dice together). You keep your dice in the padded case they were shipped in.

Storing Tips for Gemstone Dice

It's crucial to carefully store your gemstone dice if you want to maintain their integrity and beauty over time. If not handled and stored carefully, gemstone dice can easily scratch or become damaged. Here are comprehensive instructions on how to keep your gemstone dice:

Employ a Soft Pouch or Bag

Choose a bag or pouch made of soft, non-abrasive fabric like velvet, suede, or satin. Avoid rough materials that might scratch the surface of the gemstones. Ensure the bag is large enough to comfortably hold your dice without overcrowding.

Separate Pouch for Each Dice

For each dice in the set, you might want to use a different pouch. By avoiding collisions, the chance of chips or scratches on the dice is decreased. Purchase or make pouches intended exclusively for polyhedral dice. For a regular D&D dice set, you'll require at least seven pouches.

Dice Trays or Boxes

Utilize a dice tray that is cushioned and comfortable, preferably made of imitation leather or wood with velvet inside. The tray gives the dice a secure surface to roll on while preventing them from landing on solid tabletops. Spend money on soft-fabric-lined dice cases made of leather or wood. Your dice are shielded from outside impacts by these strong enclosures.

Avoid Sunlight or Temperature

Keep your dice out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. The colors of some gemstones can gradually deteriorate with prolonged exposure to sunshine. Store your gemstone dice away from regions with severe temperatures since rapid temperature variations can cause cracks in some stones when they expand or contract.

Regular Cleaning

To regularly remove dust and debris, wipe your gemstone dice with a gentle, dry cloth. Avoid using cleaning products since they could harm the jewels' surface. Before handling your gemstone dice, wash your hands to prevent transmitting oils or grime that could scratch the surface of the stones.

Sum Up

All of the dice Urwizard provides, even the gemstone ones, are made to be perfect for casual tabletop games. Dice made of gemstones need to be stored carefully. By adhering to these specific instructions, you can make sure that your gemstone dice stay stunning and spotless, boosting your game experience and maintaining their value over time. Your gemstone dice will maintain their gorgeous appearance for years to come with proper storage and maintenance.