All the Basics of Artificial PU Leather You Should Know About

All the Basics of Artificial PU Leather You Should Know About

Have you considered artificial leather for personal or business projects? It is right time you try out the puv leather. It is the leather you need to make furniture, shoes, and handbags. Artificial PU leather is also considered vegan, making it an excellent choice for people who embrace a vegan lifestyle. Ready to know what artificial PU leather is all about?

Basic critical information to know about artificial PU leather

You will be happy to know about the leather you intend to buy if you take some time to understand the essential information. With the proper knowledge, it becomes easy to explain to people what the leather products you make are all about. This article focuses on some of the essential details you should know about artificial PU leather.

How is artificial PU leather manufactured?

The manufacture of PU leather involves various chemical products. Petroleum is also a significant part of the manufacturing process. Let’s break down the process into the following simple steps;

  • Selection and application of the base fabric.
  • Application of the polyurethane coating on the base fabric.
  • Coloring the PU leather by adding a color coat.
  • Adding some texture to the fabric.

What are the benefits of PU leather?

PU leather is a highly incredible material. It is a great alternative to genuine leather. Below are some elements that make artificial PU leather a fantastic option;

  • It costs significantly less than genuine leather; this can be attributed to how easy it is to manufacture. While it is affordable, artificial PU leather still offers incredible quality.
  • Artificial PU leather is also better for sustainability; sustainability is a set of practices to preserve natural resources for future generations. Artificial PU leather is sustainable because it comes from sustainable raw materials.
  • Artificial PU leather is available in a wide range of colors and styles. Therefore, you can use it for various purposes. For instance, you can use it to create handbags, clothes, and shoes in different designs and fashions.
  • Unlike other types of artificial leather, PU leather does not dry out over time. This makes it great for making premium products.
  • Manufacturing artificial PU leather is easy. It requires fewer resources and isn’t expensive. Pure PU leather is a vegan alternative to genuine leather.

What makes PU leather different from genuine leather?

If the benefits above do not explain the difference between genuine and artificial PU leather, below are some clearer distinctions;

  • Artificial PU leather has a distinct smell like plastic or chemicals; this does not apply to genuine leather.
  • PU leather is also significantly cheaper than genuine leather, which is why people prefer it for large commercial applications.
  • Artificial leather also does not absorb water like genuine leather.


If you are in the fashion or textile business, you will recognize the benefits of acquiring artificial PU leather. You can find 100% pure artificial PU leather from This platform offers a wide range of wholesale PU leather in different colors at reasonable prices.